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Kay Buzby

tamil xx 3g pvideoJessie J Domino tamil xvideobuzbyvideo.com/armenian-snow-white-and-the-huntsman-dvdrip/ tamil womens nude boobsbuzbyvideo.com Kay BuzbyKay began videotaping weddings, children's school programs and family celebrations 23 years ago. She had the experience because she had worked as an assistant for a large restaurant chain's media department, traveling the country helping with commercials and promotional videos. She's shot hundreds of weddings, school programs, family celebrations, class reunions. She also has many years of experience in legal depositions and evidence and accident scene documentation. She is blessed with an eye for details and knows how to be invisible or non-intrusive when it comes to weddings. A Columbia College graduate who studied business, Kay never says "no" to new challenges.

Suellen E. Dean

Suellen E. Dean Suellen has spent most of her career as a newpaper journalist. Her concentration had been in still photography when she moved into digital story-telling. She does promotional, educational, training and documentary-style video work. A wedding, to her, is a story that a couple will want to retell over and over again. As a University of Alabama journalism graduate, she uses her reporting and writing skills to help her subjects tell their stories and capture memories.

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Standard package: Documentary-style

Your wedding day is a busy, exciting day. You can't be everywhere tamil x video home andsbuzbyvideo.com/ckl-real-football-2007-jar-for-nokia-x2/
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and often, you are too into the moment to notice all the beautiful things going on around you. Relax. Your wedding video will capture the moments you miss and the ones you want to remember.

Buzby Video is known for its documentary-style weddings. We go early to be with the bride and groom and their party while they get ready. Sometimes she even attends the rehearsals. We listen, watch and know how to sensitively prompt conversations that tell the story of the day.Often we preserve special messages from the bride, the groom, family and friends. We have an eye for detail and knowing just what the couple wants. Kay also She prides herself in being as non-intrusive (or invisible) as the couple desires her to be. After the ceremony, the documentary continues as we follow the couple through the reception, ending only when they leave for their honeymoon. With this style of filming and movie-type editing skills, the product is similar to the bride and groom's very on mini-movie, filled with drama, joy, and many beautiful suprises.

No-frills package: Simply the ceremony

With the use of two to three cameras, we can provide a simple but elegant recount of your ceremony, from the processional to the recessional. Short and sweet, without the details. Not quite as thorough, but beautiful.

Something extra: Your love story

We'll help you share and remember your romance with photos and video. This special movie can be used during your rehearsal or engagement parties. You can share it with guests at your reception. Or, it can be used as your wedding announcement. Use it on your web site or email it to friends. No matter how it is shared, it will be a nice memory to have and replay through the years.

Tamil x videos 2012

Whether you are a proud (and relieved) parent of a college grad or a company that wants to document the opening of a new building, Buzby Video can help make sure these memorable events are lasting. We've done shows to honor first birthdays, we've created love stories for anniversaries. We've done videos for Celebrations of Life and covered funeral services so the DVDs could be shared with love ones who couldn't make the ceremonies. We can produce family histories or class reunion memories. We can help you script any event to suit any occasion. Got an event? We've got the camera eye and will document it for you.

Here's a list of a few events:

  • Plays
  • Dance/Music recitals
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Reunions
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Celebrity Roasts
  • Concerts
  • Seminars
  • Births
  • Funeral Services
  • Speeches
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  • Pageants


Tamil x videos 2012

Need professionally-produced video for your web site, investment presentation or other communications but can't afford it? Buzby Video will script, record and edit your promotion to suit your budget and style.

Tamil x videos 2012

Buzby Video will video and edit training classes or seminars that you can use to train students, employees or volunteers via DVD or computer sites. By recording training, seminars or speeches, a company can save time and money, allowing the trainees to view the information at different times, in their home offices, or multiple times, as needed. For instance, we recorded a client's phone procedures and edited the day-long workshop to be used to train the remaining employees in offices across the state.

Tamil x videos 2012

Kay and Suellen provide quick, quality services to law firms or other court officials. They are fully-equipped and qualified to tape and record depositions, edit pre-taped depositions and transfer to other sources. They also do "day in the life" presentations for court use.

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Tamil x videos 2012

How many times have you wished you had a DVD of little Suzie's performance in the kindergarten's holiday play or her ballet recital? It would have made a great gift for the grandparents who live several states away.

We will attend any group and school performance with an order of at least 20 DVDs (or VHS) to cover the cost. Some organizations may be able to obtain enough orders to use the videos as a fund-raiser. We use two to three cameras and take extra shots to include as part of this professional package.

Here's just a few events we've done: plays, musical concerts, dances, debutant balls, birthday parties, family reunions, celebrations of life, speaches, parades, magic shows, sports events, anniversaries, celebrity roasts, and parades.